Service Manager Quarterly Update 2019 Q3

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Here are the latest updates from Service Manager over the past quarter

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Progressive Capture Workflow

  • Custom Form defaults to populate information from an email (CH00156596)
Many people like to configure a Custom Form in their Progressive Captures to capture key information, and then map the attributes to the Summary (h_summary) and Description (h_description) fields on the request that is raised. The benefit of doing this rather than using the standard “Request Details” Progressive Capture form, is that you can reword and expand the questions asked, and also ask a number of other questions on the same form without having to click “Next”. However, a drawback has always been that if raising the request from an Email, the email Subject and Dody don’t map to the text the Summary and Description fields of your custom form in the capture, which can be frustrating to have to copy and paste over.

This change can overcome that challenge – simply change the Form ID of your Custom Form to: customformdefaults – map your Summary and Description fields to h_summary and h_description, and the next time you raise a request directly from an Email, you’ll notice that the subject and the body of the email has pre-populated when you reach this part of your Progressive Capture

  • Show Archived
When a board is no longer needed you can archive the board. If there is a need to revisit an archived board you can select the option to show Archived Boards.
  • Add Board
Need a new Board? Simple click here and start building your new board. Add a name, description, and select the types of cards that you would like t have available for your board. The list of available cards will vary depending on the different apps that you have installed. These card types include a standard Card, Separators, Notes, Organisations, Documents, Project Tasks, Incidents, Changes, Releases, Problems, Known Errors, Requests, Tasks, Posts, and Email. Not sure what you want to use? Don't worry, the available card types can be changed after the board has been created.
  • Open
Each board is listed as a card. Click on Open to view the details of a listed board.

Board Toolbar

After creating a new Board or navigating to an existing Board, you are provided with a view of the board where you can begin to use the board or with the appropriate rights, you can further design or update the board. The Board's toolbar contains many of the features available to you.


The filter option on a Board lets you highlight particular cards that contain the text that is entered into the filter. Any card that does not match your filter will be obscured, and only the matches will remain readable. While a filter is applied, you are able to move cards that match your filter.

The filter text is applied to the following areas on a card:

  • Title
  • Description