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The Customers feature in Hornbill allows you to create and manage organisation and contact records. For Service Manager these are used when supporting people that are external to your business. When Service Manager is installed, users with access to Service Manager will have access to the Service Manager Customers Plug-in.

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Organization Request List

When viewing the details of an organization, a section titled Requests is available. This lists shows all the active requests that have been raised against contacts that are associated to that organization.

  • Active Requests
The list of requests includes requests that have the status of New, Open, On-hold, and Resolved.
  • Contact Visibility
It is possible to allow selected contacts to have the ability to view this full list of requests for their organization within the Customer Portal. Service Manager users that have the application right Manage Portal Settings within one of their associated roles will have an option to select from a list of contacts that have access to the customer portal. An example role that contains this right is the Service Desk Admin role.

Contact Request List

When viewing a contact record you are able to view the requests that have been raised for that contact along with the Services that they are subscribed to. These are presented in two collapsed sections that can be expanded to show the content of each.

  • Requests
When this section is expanded a fully functioning Request List is displayed. This Request List functions in the same way as the main request list and respects the rights and access that the support person has to the requests, only showing those that are assigned to their teams or the services that they support.
  • Services
When this section is expanded a list of Services that the customer is subscribed to is displayed. A support person with the appropriate rights will be able to click on each service to access more information about the service.