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Self Service Portals provide a window into some of the different Hornbill apps. Hornbill comes with two distinct self service portals, one for Employees and one for Contacts. Service Manager, Live Chat, and Document Manager all provide a level of access through the portals.

Employee Portal


The Employee Portal provides access to the Employees of your organization. All users that have been added to Hornbill will have access to the Employee Portal.

The Employee Portal is a highly configurable environment where you can add widgets and enable features for your employees to be able to access their services, communicate with the Service Desk, submit and view requests, chat with support staff, and access shared documents.

Customer Portal


The Customer Portal provides access to Contacts that sit outside of your organization. This is accessible through the creation of a contact record, and setting up credentials for the contact to login to the Customer Portal. The Customer Portal is designed for contacts that sit outside of your organization. This is a great way to interact with contacts when providing external support.

Live Chat


Live Chat is an app that plugs into both the Employee Portal and the Customer portal and allows for people to connect directly to a member of your support team. This real-time interaction is stored in a transcript and also allows for Service Manager requests to be raised directly from the chat session.

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