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This page describes the administration and configuration of the Request and Closure Categories which are used within the different call types.

When using Service Manager in order to retrieve accurate reports and to standardise data recorded against a call, Profiles can be implemented.

There are two sets of classifications you can use :

  • Request categories - Can be specified when creating or updating a request in the details section.
    • This is used to describe the symptoms of a call raised i.e. Business Application -> Error Message
  • Closure categories - Can be specified when you resolve a request
    • This is used to describe the fix applied i.e. Business Application -> Service Restarted

Managing Request and Closure Category Trees

On the installation of Service Manager two predefined Profiles are provided in Administration.

  • Request
  • Closure

InformationThese two profiles are required for the Service Manager Categories to work. Removing or renaming these Profiles will result in the Categories not working in Service Manager.

Currently there is an option 'Create New Profile' this functionality is not enabled and is scheduled to be removed.

A hierarchical category structure for both types of category will need to planned and added to these Profiles. These Categories can be managed in Administration within the Profiles menu option. In order to manage these Category Trees you will require access to the Administration portal

See: Profiles


For each defined Service there are options provided to set a starting level for both the Request and Closure Category Trees. You can select a particular level within any branch of the tree and apply it against each request type within a service. When this setting has been applied, any request raised against that service will use these settings. When applying a category, a support person will not be able to see the parent level and can only browse and select child category levels.

See: Service Portfolio

Progressive Capture

When building Progressive Capture Scripts for raising requests, a form has been provided to allow a support person to select the request category during the process of raising requests.

See Progressive Capture Workflow

Business Process Workflow

When constructing Business Process workflows there are available automated tasks for applying a Request or Closure Category to a request. Using conditional decision nodes you can automatically set a category using information held in the request.

See: Service Manager Business Process Workflow