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The Email Routing Rules provide a way of automating the delivery and actions that occur on emails that are received into Hornbill. As outlined on the main Email Routing Rules page, the Routing rules can be used for logging requests. One of the other things you can use the routing rules for is to re-direct incoming emails to specific mailboxes that are created to separate the emails from other business-related emails. For example, Server monitor emails coming from Hornbill are best being re-directed to a separate mailbox.

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How to create an Email Re-direction Rule

1) The first thing to do is access the admin tool and go to Home > System > Email > Routing Rules as shown in the screenshot below and create a new rules called 'Server Monitor'.


2) Within the new Routing Rule, specify the fromDomain and the Mailbox you wish to re-direct the emails from that specific domain to.


Once this is saved, the next time an email comes from that specific domain, emails will be re-directed to the Server Monitor folder.

Please note that this is just an example. Actually creating this sort of rule will mean if you raise a request with Hornbill, any emails coming from Hornbil support will be re-directed to this mailbox.