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The Publish Action item is a feature of the Problem and Known Error records that allows you to generate a customer friendly definition of an issue and have it published to the portals. The publishing of a Problem or Known Error record gives greater visibility to customers of potential issues that they may experience.

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The Publish action item is accessible with the Action tool bar on a Problem or Known Error record. By selecting the Publish icon the following options are displayed

  • Description - The Description is used to provide a friendly description of the issue that the customers may be experiencing. This text is visible to the customer once published.
  • Include Workaround
    • On a Problem Record a temporary workaround can be provided while the investigation is on going. By selecting the Include Workaround check box, this workaround text will be made available to the customers on the portals
    • On a Known Error Record the workaround which is provided in the details of the record will be made available to the customers on the portals
  • Language - If more than one language is used in Hornbill, an option is available to display the published information about the issue in multiple languages
  • Status
    • Draft - While in Draft, this published Problem or Known Error is not visible to customers in the Portals. Use this while creating or planning the publishing of a issue.
    • Published - Once Published, the description and the workaround, if selected, become visible to the customers on the Portals.


  • Known Issues - Once a Problem or Known Error is published to the Portals, a new area is made available on the Service Details titled Known Issues. Any customer subscribed to the service that the published Problem or Known Error is raised against will have visibility of the issue.
  • Me Too - For each published issue the customer has the option to clickon the Me Too option. This give the customer the opportunity to report that they are also experiencing the issue. When the Me Too button is clicked, the user is automatically added as a Connection to the Problem or Known Error as an impacted user.


Request Configuration

The Publish Action Item can be made visible or hidden on a per Service Basis. Hiding this Action may be desirable for Services that do not required the ability to publish Problem and Known Error records. View the Request Actions documentation on Service Details page for more information.