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Different types of projects exist and may have differing characteristics, underlying processes and requirements. In order to cater for this, it is possible when creating a new Project to assign it a specific type of project.

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Create and Manage Project Types

You can create one or more Project Types and attribute them the following attributes by selecting the + icon

  • Name
The name for the type of project
  • Description
An explanation describing the type of project
  • Business Process
It is not mandatory to have a Business Process associated to a project type, but if one if required, select it from the available drop down list.
If no business process is selected, no Head's Up Display will be shown on the Project Overview tab on the Project
  • Status
Each type can be in Draft, Active or Retired status. Only those types in an Active status will be available to choose when creating a new Project

When Project Manager is installed a default project type of Standard Project Type is automatically created and available, but does not have a business process associated to it. Additional Project Type attributes will be added in due course

Managing Project Types

  • Edit - Use the pencil icon to edit the project types name, description, business process or status
  • Delete - Permanently delete the project type by choosing the trash can icon next to the project type you wish to delete