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Project Tags allow you to categorise each project by applying one or more relevent tags

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Creating Project Tags

Project Tag Menu.png

Users with the Project Administrator role will see a new menu options Tags, from here it is possible to create new, edit existing, add translations and remove project tags.

Adding Tags to the Tag Cloud

To create a new tag, simply type the tag name into the input field and press the Add Tag button.

The new tag will be added to the tag cloud displayed below.

Adding Tag Translations

Project Tag Cloud Translations.png

To add a new translation for a tag, select it from the list, using the edit icon to the right, this will open a popup dialog.

  • From there, select the language that you wish to translate the tag to and click the 'Translate' button. You can manually adjust the translated value before accepting it.
  • All translations of the tag are displayed in the table.
  • Add tag translations for the tag in all available languages that your Hornbill instance supports.

Managing Existing Tags

  • Update the name of the existing tag.
  • Tags can only be removed if they are not associated to any projects.
  • Change the language to view tags that have been translated into different languages.

Using Tags

Once tags have been added, project users can add these tags to their projects via the Project Tags tab on each project

Viewing Projects By Tags

Once Projects have been assigned tags, you can view all projects which carry the tags from the Project Portfolio view