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Add and manage project risks

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Adding risks to a project

Use the + icon to add a new risk to the project

  • Name: Provide a name for the risk.
  • Description: Provide a description of the risk.
  • Impact: Pick an impact level for the risk.
  • Probability: Pick the probability level for the risk.
  • Weighting: The Risk Weighting will automatically be set based on the combination of the chosen impact and probability settings as defined in the Risk Matrix in the admin tool.
The weightings allow you to calculate the overall risk for the project based on the number of risks and their individually set weightings based on the Risk Matrix rules.
  • Status: Assign the risk a status to reflect it's current state.

Use the Add button to add the project risk

Managing risks on a project

Open an existing risk by clicking on the risk from the risk list view

  • Weighting: The Risk Weighting can be increased or decreased if the Risk Impact and or Probability fields are changed, this is governed by the Risk Matrix in the admin console
  • Status: Alter the status of the risk to indicate if it is still valid, or has been mitigated etc
  • Activity Stream: Collaborate and discuss the risk by posting and commenting on the risk activity stream
  • + Follow: Choose the Follow option to receive updates to the risks activity stream on your News Feed
  • Remove: Delete a risk from the project using the Trash Can icon

List View

View project risks, by their name, status, weighting and who created them

  • Click on a risk to edit it's properties or edit their Impact and or Probability directly from the list
  • Search the project risks from the Search field
  • The search will look for a match with the risk name
  • Filter the project risks using the Filter by Status option
  • Show project risks by the selected risk status

Chart View

View the project risks in chart form, with each risk represented on the chart by it's weighting

  • Biggest Project Risk: The risk with the biggest weighting will be displayed
  • Overall Project Risk: This will represent the % project risk, calculated from the total number of risks and their weightings

Line Chart View

View a history of project risks and track their status and weighting over the project's lifecycle.

  • View the risk history in list view by clicking the edit button.


Adding, removing and editing risks is audited, and available to review in the audit history tab on each Risk and also under the overall Project audit history view.

  • Configure the risk matrix in the administration console
  • Add, Edit or remove the Impact and Probability options from the simple lists in the administration console
  • Manage your project risk statuses from the Project Risk Status simple list in the administration console