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Configure the project risk weightings from the available risk Impact and Probabilities. The available Impact and Probability options are configured from the corresponding simple lists.

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New Project Risk Matrix Entry

Project risk matrix edit2.png

Select the + icon

  • Select an available Impact level
  • Select an available Probability level
  • Choose the Weighting level which should be used if the above combination of Impact and Probability levels are chosen when adding a project risk to to project

Repeat the process for the different combinations of impact and probability levels which you wish to use and their corresponding risk weightings.

Manage Project Risk Matrix

  • Edit - Click on the notepad icon next to the Matrix entry you wish to edit, and change it's Impact, Probability or Weighting settings
Editing existing matrix options will only apply to newly added risks to a project, or any existing risks which are edited on a project, not existing risks.
  • Delete - Click on the trash can icon to the matrix entry you wish to permanently remove