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The Intelligent Capture allows you to define which elements of the project you want to capture at the point of creation.

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Project Manager Progress Capture Forms

  • Project Budget
Record the project's budget and its budget currency
  • Project Dates
Record the planned Start and Finish dates for the project
  • Project Details
Capture the main details or description of the project
  • Project Scope
Capture the details that describe the scope of the project
  • Project Status
Select the status under which this project will be at once created. Options include Draft, Active, Completed, and Cancelled.
  • Project Template
Select the project template which contains a pre defined project configuration such as details, stakeholders, risks and more.
  • Project Type
Set the type of Project which will be used. The list of available Types is governed by the Project Types you have defined and are currently marked as Active

Customised Forms

Using the progressive capture designer, you can add in custom forms, then ask custom questions and in turn map, the answers to your custom fields on the project details view on your projects.

In your custom forms, use the custom question field id to set your mapping to the required custom field on your project details view.

Example of mapping to a date/time custom field below:

PM Custom Fields PCF.png

The table below gives you the field types for each of the custom fields.

Available Columns Data Type/Capacity Description
customA1 - customA5 VARCHAR/255 characters VARCHAR custom fields a - o each suitable for holding up to 255 characters of any type.
customB1 - customB5 TEXT/unlimited* TEXT custom fields p - t each suitable for holding large amounts of text characters of any type.
customC1 - customC5 DATETIME/a single date-time stamp DATETIME custom fields 21 - 25 each suitable for holding a single date-time stamp (YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss). These columns should ONLY be used in conjunction with a date-time picker.
customD1 - customD5 INTEGER/any whole number INTEGER custom fields 26 - 30 each suitable for holding whole numbers. When mapping to these columns, ensure the following RegEx is specified in your Custom field settings: [0-9]

unlimited* - TEXT fields have a maximum capacity of 65000 characters.

More information on managing customized forms can be found here

If you have mapped custom questions to the custom fields on the details of the project, remember to use the form designer to expose the custom fields to see any values which mapped to them, more info here

Progressive Capture Admin

By default when Project Manager is installed, a new project Progressive Capture is provided. This can be edited, and new one's added. To change which Progressive Capture which is used for creating new projects, update the value in the following system setting