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A Business Process can be used to define some of the more complex stages in a project. If you are planning to follow a structured Project Management process such as Prince2 or PMP, the Business Process can be used to define the steps and stages to support this.

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Business Process Options

  • Suspend Project
This will suspend the BPM as the project is worked on. The suspend is in place until the project is manually moved on by the Project Manager via the Progress icon on the Project Overview tab on a project. Initially this is a manual action which allows the Project Manager to visualise progress through the Project stages and their defined Checkpoints in each stage, allowing other Project Stakeholders to have top level visibility of the current stage, completed actions and those which are still outstanding.

  • Wait for Project Completion
This will suspend the BPM until the project status changes to Completed.

Additional Project operations are planned as the application matures