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Project funding can come from one or multiple sources. Recording this information can be an important consideration.

  • Associate individual budget lines to the project

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Adding budgets to a project

Use the + icon to add a new project budget

  • Type: Add a type for the new project budget
  • Budget: Provide a value for the project budget
  • Approved By: Select the user who approved the project budget
  • Approval Date: Select the date the project budget was approved
  • Description: Add a description for the new project budget
  • Cost Category: Add a cost category for the new project budget
  • Cost Type: Add a cost type for the new project budget

Use the Add button to add the project budget

Managing budgets on a project

Edit project budgets by clicking on the project budget you wish to edit from the list view

  • Type: Update the type of project budget
  • Budget: Update the project budget value
  • Description: Update the description if required
  • Cost Category: Update the cost category of project budget
  • Cost Type: Update the cost type of project budget

List View

View all project budgets in list view.

  • Budget: Project Cost Type grouping
  • Approved By: Description for the project cost
  • Approval Date: Who added the project cost
  • Cost Category: The project budget cost category
  • Cost Type: The project budget cost type
  • Type: The project budget type
  • Created By: Who added the project budget
  • Create Date: The date the project budget was added
  • Last Modified By: The user that last modified the project budget
  • Last Modified Date: The date the project budget was last modified

  • Click on a project budget to review, or edit it's properties.
  • Use the search option to find project budgets by their description


When project budgets are added, edited or removed this is audited and written to the audit trail tab of the overall project as well as against the audit tab on each Budget, where it can reviewed.

Manage the available Project Budget Cost Categories, Costs and Types in the admin console and simple list

  • Project Budget Cost Categories
  • Project Budget Cost Types
  • Project Budget Types