Progressive Capture Designer Validation, Error, and Information Messages

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The Progressive Capture Design Canvas offers the ability to validate a Progressive Capture flow upon/or prior to activation. Any warnings or errors will be displayed in the bottom right of the design canvas. General information messages may also be displayed in certain circumstances.

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Information Messages

Information messages are light blue

Information messages will be displayed in light blue.

Form Option Updates

Message Content: "Some form setups are out of sync with the latest schema. They have been automatically modified but you are required to manually save and activate the process for the modifications to go live."

What it means: This message refers to default progressive capture forms (blue nodes) shipped with each Hornbill application. It does not concern custom forms (purple nodes). It indicates that there have been enhancements made to the default forms in a previous application update, but to take advantage of these changes the flow must be saved and activated.

Warning Messages

Warning messages are yellow

Warning messages will be displayed in yellow. A warning message may not have a detrimental effect on a progressive capture design but its important to identify the reason for the warning and understand if any corrective action is necessary. Some warnings will prevent the flow from being activated, however others will still allow activation.

Error Messages

Error messages will be displayed in red. Errors indicate a problem with the design and thus a flow cannot be made active when errors exist.