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A programme is a set of related projects and activities, managed in a coordinated fashion and under a structure that allows for the delivery of business benefits. Each programme is divided into these three areas:

  • Programme Details
  • Programme Charts
  • Programme Projects Overview

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Programme Details


Action Bar

  • Post - Add a post to the programme activity stream
  • Projects - Search for and link projects to the programme
  • Documents - Search and link documents from document manager to the programme
  • Attachments - Upload attachments to the programme
  • Members - Search and associate users and their roles to the programme (Define the required roles via simple lists)
  • Business Benefits - Link business benefits (outcomes) to the programme (Define your own business benefits via simple lists)
  • Boards - View, Add and Move the programme on Board Manager boards

Once data is added to the programme, an accordion section will appear on the programme view to contain and provide access to the new data

Program Details

  • Basic Details - Name, Description, Status, Sub Status, RAG Status and Progress of the programme
  • Additional Information - Record specific programme information
  • Dates - Record programme start and end dates
  • Financial Information - Record currency and programme budget information

Users with the Form Designer role, can add, amend, delete fields, set field validation and drag and drop to re-order.


Activity Stream

  • Collaborate on programme discussions with other programme members
  • Follow the programme to receive real-time updates about the programme on your newsfeed

Programme Overview

Visualise programme RAG Status and Progress



A bird's eye view of all projects in the programme:

  • Project Progress
  • Project RAG Status
  • Project Owner
  • Drill into each project for more information
  • Remove a project from the programme


Search for, remove or view programme members

Audit Trail

Review all changes to all programme contents

Programme Charts

Visualize and drill down into projects in the programme

Project RAG Status & Budgets

  • View the number of projects in the programme which are in each RAG status
  • Drill down on each RAG chart to see the projects which make up this part of the chart
  • Drill down further into each individual project
  • View the number of projects in the programme which are over or within their budgets
  • Drill down on those within budget to see the specific projects, and what % they are within budget - drill down into any project as needed
  • Drill down on those over budget to see the specific projects and what % they are over budget - drill down into any project as needed

Project Gantt Chart

  • Visualise all of the projects in the selected programme
  • Drill down further into each individual project

Programme Projects Overview

Review the progress of all projects in the programme.
  • Project Name, Manager, Progress, Status and Sub Status
  • Project Cost - Displays how each project is tracking against its budget in percentage terms i.e x % over or under the project budget
  • Project RAG Status - The current RAG status of each project in the programme
  • Project RAG Tolerance Statuses - The RAG status for all defined RAG Tolerances on each project.
  • The list can be filtered based on project status and searched on the project titles.