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Hornbill has two main Onboarding approaches:

  • The Hornbill 30-day satisfaction guarantee and Switch-On
  • Our bespoke option which tailors the implementation around your requirements

Hornbill created the Switch-On service to fit in with the 30-day guarantee. Unlike most trials we believe that you should test drive our solution with your data in place. The Switch-On service is designed to stand-up one essential discipline as well as the related essential integrations well in advance of the completion of your trial period (30 days).
The bespoke option is Hornbill's best practice enterprise delivery approach combined with a framework which focuses on complete objectives, success and your success criteria. Using outstanding technology and Hornbill’s most experienced people, this option is best suited to customers seeking a managed and success demanding outcome.


Free 30 day Trial Period
Find out more about what makes our Satisfaction guarantee an unmatchable proposition.


Hornbill Switch-On
Find out more about the Free Switch-On service conducted during the 30 day trial period.


Hornbill Bespoke
Find out more about our tailored and managed approach to Onboarding.

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