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View your timesheet daily, weekly and monthly.

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Use the icons on the current date header to move between the day, week and monthly views

  • Audit History - View all changes to all timesheet entries for the timesheet using the View Audit History icon on the date title bar

Day View

My Timesheet Daily View Default.png

The default view shows the Current Day. View all timesheet entries for the chosen day.

  • Click on a date to see the timesheet entries for that day
  • Use the arrow options to move to the previous or next week
  • View the total timesheet entry time for the chosen day

Timesheet Entries

Each timesheet entry for the day is shown:

  • Entity link - Click on the entity link, to be taken to the entity against which the timesheet entry relates
  • Unlink Icon - Remove the link to entity, but retain the timesheet entry
  • Notepad Icon - Click on this icon to perform the following actions against the timesheet entry
  • Edit the timesheet entry
  • Timestamp
  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Comments
  • Duration of entry
  • Permanently delete the timesheet entry
  • View the audit history of all changes to the timesheet entry

Chart / List

By default, the entries for the chosen day will be represented on a chart, grouped by Category

  • Click on any category, to drill down into the Sub-Categories for the chosen category
  • Use the Back button to return to the category chart view
  • Change the type of chart used to display the data using the available chart icons
  • Change the chart theme, using the available theme icons.