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The About section contains all the detailed information about you, personal and job related. Controls enable you to restrict who can view personal information about you.

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Updating My Information

My Profile About.png

The About information is broken down into five sections:

  • Basic Details
  • Add an email address to allow other co-workers to send you an email from the Hornbill email composer when viewing your profile, and other views in Hornbill
  • Job Details
  • View your memberships to organisational groups
  • Contact Details
  • Add phone number and Social media details to allow other co-workers to contact you through browser plugins like Skype and Facetime
  • Interests & Expertise
  • Personal Details

Edit the details held in each section by using the Notepad icon on each section header.

  • Not all available fields maybe displayed if they are empty, so going into edit mode may show more options. The option to not display empty fields is configurable by an administrator who has the Form Designer role.


  • Privacy Settings - It is possible to manage who you share personal information with. When adding or updating your Contact Details, Interests & Expertise and Personal Details you can set a privacy level which you feel is appropriate for this information.
  • Public - Everyone can see this
  • Followers - Co-workers that are following you can see this
  • Private - Only you can see this
  • Automatic Updates - When updating your contact information, remember this information maybe being updated automatically from a user import utility and from your organisations directory services, so check with your administrator if you are not sure. If automatic updates are set-up, this will overwrite any manually updated values on your About information if they are different on your organisations master directory records.
  • Admin Console Updates - Administrators can update users About details from the Administration Console
  • Form Designer - Administrators with the Form Designer role will see a Design option which will allow them to do the following:
  • Add additional custom fields
  • Mark fields as not visible
  • Mark fields as not being editable
  • Change Field Labels, make field values mandatory, choose if fields should show if blank
  • Re-arrange the order fields appear in by dragging and dropping them into the desired order (including moving fields between About sections
  • Design changes are global