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My Documents is where you can upload, create, or manage documents that you can then share and collaborate on with other Hornbill Users. This is a great alternative to storing files in network shares or passing documents around by email. Collaborate, schedule reviews, store revisions, and much more.

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Creating Documents

There are four different document types which you can create / upload

  • Use the New Text Document button to create a new document in Document Manager
  • Use the Upload Document button to add an external document to Document Manager
  • The Maximum upload size is set by default to 10MB - this can be increased if required on your instance using the following system setting in the admin console - communications.maxfileUploadSize
  • By Default the following file types are not permitted to be uploaded - exe, bat, cmd, js, and vbs. These can be changed and added to on your instance using the following system setting in the admin console - security.fileUploadRestriction.webdav.types
  • Use the New Drawing button to create a new drawing in Document Manager
  • Use the External Link button to create a document which opens an external link from a document in Document Manager (N.B. this option only links to the document and there is no integration with the document repository. For example, permissions need to be managed separately).
  • Add the external link
  • Add a title / description for the document
  • As with any other type of document, users will be able to search for the external link document by it's title / description and any tags it has been given


Hornbill Document Manager – All My Documents

The navigation options on the left hand side allows you to view documents in the right hand side view.

My Documents

In this section you can select to view documents which fall into the following areas:

  • Home View - This option allows you to revert the document list view to that which you have set as your Home View
  • All My Documents - This option shows you all documents which you either own or have been shared with you
  • Documents I Own - This option will only show you documents where you are set as the owner
  • Unorganised Documents - This option will show you documents which you either own, or have been shared with you and are not already added into a Manual collection
  • Documents Due For Review - This option will show you any documents where the Review date is either due today or is overdue


In this section you can select to view documents which you have grouped into collections either using the Self Organising Tags option or the Manual add to collection options

  • Available collections will be listed
  • Use the + New Collection to create a new personal document collection


In this section you can select to view documents which have been added to libraries which you have the rights to view

  • All libraries which you have the rights to view will be listed

Document List

The Document List displays the documents based on the chosen view from the right hand side

Document Info and Options

Each document which is displayed will display the document name, description, who the document owner is, when it was created and last updated. You also have the option to perform the following actions from the document list:

  • Open - Open the document
  • Properties - Be taken to the properties of the document where you can manage and collaborate on the document
  • Add To Collection - Choose to add the document to any Manual type collections you have (this option will not be displayed if you do not have any manually organised collections created)

Filters, Views and Ordering

Use the following filters, views and sorting options to manage which documents will be displayed

  • Quick Search
Use this option to filter the documents based on keywords in the document title or description
  • Status
Use this option to only display documents which are in Draft, Active, Retired or a combination of the three
  • View
Toggle between the List and Thumbnail options to display the documents in list or thumbnail views
  • Order By
Use this option to order the documents by, and sort these by ascending or descending order.
  • Title
  • Owner
  • File Type
  • Creation Date
  • Last Updated
  • Home View
Use this option to Set or return to your Home View
  • Set current view as my home
Use the drop down option to set the current view as your home view
  • Home
Use the home icon to switch your current view to your home view
  • Refresh
Use this option to manually refresh the content of the current view

Library and Collection Specific Properties

When viewing documents from a library or collection an additional Cog option will be displayed on the tool bar options:

  • Collection view Cog
This will allow you to view the properties of the collection view. In the case of a Self Organising collection it will show you which tags are used to make up the view, and allow you to edit the collection properties
  • Library view Cog
This will allow you to view the properties of the library, it will show the library title and description as well as who the library has been shared with (users, roles, groups)
  • Tag Filtering
When viewing a library of documents, you can filter the documents in this library to only those which carry specific tags by selecting the tags you wish to apply