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My Dashboard provides each Service Manager user with their own personal dashboard. My Dashboard displays charts which have been created against Views providing a visual perspective of the requests and information that is most important and relevant to each individual user along with drill down ability to quickly access the requests that make up each chart.

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Creating Content for My Dashboard

My Dashboard is made up of charts which are defined against Views that contain criteria to define sets of related requests for display within your Request List Once a Chart has been created for a View, it can be enabled for display on the My Dashboard. It is possible to define one or multiple Charts against each View you have defined.

Please see the following links on how to define and manage Views and Charts

Managing My Dashboard

Once you have one or more Charts defined against one or more Views you can access these Charts on My Dashboard by clicking on the the graph icon in the Request Tool Bar.

  • Visibility
Charts are only visible on My Dashboard if they have been marked as Visible (Configurable from within the charts tab on the Views Configuration)
  • Moving
Charts can be moved around My Dashboard by selecting the 'move' icon on the Chart you wish to move, and then dragging and dropping the Chart into the desired location
  • Size
Each Chart can have its size changed in order to provide a best fit for the data being displayed. When you place your mouse over any chart, a drop down option is availble to select a Small, Medium or Large layout.

Drill Down Data

On each Chart there are areas that can be selected to access the requests that make up either the entire chart or one particular segment. When you drill down on a chart the associated requests will be displayed in the Request List.

  • Chart Title
View the entire data set of the Chart by clicking on the Chart Title.
  • Chart Segment
Clicking on an individual segment of a chart (Pie, Bar, line etc) will take you back to the Request List and the display the requests that make up that Segment
  • Return to My Dashboard
Clicking on the x next to the visible filter or clicking on the My Dashboard icon will return you to My Dashboard
  • Clearing the Drill Down List
To clear the the Drill Down list and remain on the Request List, select any of the filter icons, view options, or home icon