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My Activity Boards can be created and used to visualise activities split into lists. Activities will dynamically appear or be removed from lists on boards based on the conditions defined against each list on a Board.

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Collaboration My Activities.png

Create a New Board

From the Drop down menu, choose Create New Board and give the Board a Name, and Description then select Create

Adding Lists to a Board

Select the My Activities Boards Add List.png button.

  • Title: Give the new list a title
  • Sort by: Choose how the Activities displayed in the list will be sorted. This will be based on an activity date (Due date, Start Date, or Created On), plus a preference for ascending or descending order
  • Conditions: Use the clause builder to define the conditions for which activities will appear on the list
  • Test filer: Use this option to see how many activities match the conditions of the list filter before creating the list
  • Delete: Delete a filter condition by using the trashcan next to the filter condition/s you wish to delete

Select Create to add the list to the board

Board Properties

Use the My Activities Board Properties.png icon to open the Board Properties

  • Change the Board Title or Description
  • Change the order in which the Board Lists appear by dragging and dropping them into the preferred order
  • Delete the board by choosing the Remove Board option

Managing Boards

  • It is possible to create multiple boards in your My Activities view. Switch between boards by selecting the board you wish to view from the board drop down list
  • It is not possible to share My Activities board views