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Hornbill has introduced a great new feature to allow you to easily register your mobile devices against your Hornbill user account to provide a quick and secure login to Hornbill from the Hornbill Mobile App.

When the Hornbill Mobile App is run for the first time, three simple instructions takes you through how to set up your mobile device to get access to your account. Register all your mobile devices and get easy access to Hornbill from where ever you are.

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Registering A Mobile Device

Firstly Download the Hornbill Mobile app from either the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android devices

When you first open the Hornbill app, you will be guided through three simple steps for setting up and linking the Mobile device securely to your Hornbill Account.

Step One

Login to Hornbill Collaboration in your web browser and click on your profile image in the top corner (as shown in the image), once in Hornbill on your web browser swipe left on your mobile device to be taken to the next setup step.

Step Two

Click on the Account Settings cog on the browser to be taken to your profile information

Step Three

Navigate to the Devices tab under the Settings tab on My Profile and Choose Add New Device'

  • You will be prompted to give the new mobile device registration a name, for example My iPhone 7, then select Next
  • You will be presented with a QR code, which is valid for 5 hours.
  • To Activate your mobile device against your account and this mobile device registration, return to your mobile and Tap the screen.
  • This will enable the mobile devices Camera.
  • Point the Camera at the QR code on the web browser
  • This will complete the registration of the Mobile device, activate it and log you into the Hornbill app with your user account.
  • Click Finish on the devices view to see the mobile device now presented in the registered device list

Repeat this process for any additional mobile devices you want to add to your user account.

Managing Mobile Devices

  • Remove a registered mobile device by simply selecting the remove link next to the device you wish to remove
  • Edit the display name for each of your registered devices by selecting the edit link next to the device you wish to edit

Alternate Way to Login to your User Account on your Mobile Device

If you have downloaded the Hornbill App, but do not have access to your desktop to login and register your device you can still secure login to the mobile and your account as follows:

  • On the initial Registration View click on the ** link in the top right hand corner of the screen to be taken to the login view
  • Enter your Hornbill Instance Name (not the full URL)
  • Enter your Hornbill Username
  • Enter your Hornbill Password

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instance?
  • An Instance is the name of your company's Hornbill environment. This name would have been created at the time of registration. Typically this would be the name of your company.
How do I find out the name of my Instance?
  • If the Cloud instance was registered by you, you can refer to the automated email sent to you at the time of registration.
  • If someone else in your company registered the Cloud instance, they should be able to provide this.
  • Still not sure? Please don't hesitate to contact us at
What is my username and password?
  • Your user name will be the same as used when logging into the full Hornbill Client using a browser
  • The user names and passwords are generally set up by an administrator within your business. They will be able to provide your login credentials.
  • Still not sure? Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Deregister Device

You may wish to unlink your mobile device from your instance and user account, for example if you wanted to link it with another instance or user account. To do this on the Mobile open the Menu, and click on the Cog icon. At the bottom of the view is an option to Deregister Device.

To re-register the device with the same or another user account follow the registering a device steps detailed above.]