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Hornbill provides an Integration Connector with Microsoft Orchestrator this allows you to plugin an existing Runbook from with your Orchestrator instance from our Cloud Automation Node allowing for your Business Process to run Orchestration flows within your network. Any number of Orchestrator Connectors are currently supported so if you multiple Microsoft Orchestrator Servers you need to connect to these can all be added just make sure to give each one an identifiable title so that they are easily selected from the Cloud Automation Node.

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You can configure the connection to your Microsoft Orchestrator instance/s in the admin tool under System > Settings > BPM Integrations and the + icon


When creating a new Integration Connector if you chose the type Microsoft System Center Orchestrator you will get the following:

  • HTTP Endpoint - API Endpoint for Orchestrator which contains a publicly accessible domain name i.e, the port must be 8443 as we send all connectors through this port followed by /Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc
  • Username - Orchestrator Basic Authentication Username typically with the domain or machine name preceding the username
  • Password - Orchestrator Basic Authentication Password
  • SSL Verify Host / Peer - Occasionally when testing a machine that only has a self signed certificate these need to be unchecked.

Once created a Test Connection button will appear allowing you to test the connection details before using them inside an Cloud Automation Node.


Typically a Firewall change will be needed for your Instance to communicate back to your Microsoft Orchestrator instance:

  • Our outbound IP address:
    • European Data Center -
    • North American Data Center -
    • Beta Data Center -
  • Port: 8443

Invoking Microsoft Orchestrator Runbooks

Using the Business Process Designer and the Cloud Automation node you can invoke any of your defined Runbooks from your configured Microsoft Orchestrator instances within your business processes

Content Pack

As well as having the option to invoke your Runbooks from a business process, we have also provided a collection of our own runbooks for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2, to demonstrate runbook automation and integration with the Hornbill Collaboration platform and Service Manager application.

  • Download the Hornbill Runbooks following the instructions in the Microsoft Orchestrator Content Pack from the Related Articles Section.