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ITOM Manual List Discovery Job

The manual list allows for one or more device names or addresses to be used by the discovery process, entries can be in the form of any of the following:

  • FQDN or Hostname
  • IP Address
Single IP x.x.x.x
IP range x.x.x.x-x
example: provides a list 254 addresses ( ->
example: provides a list 65534 addresses ( ->
  • CIDR
example: provides a list 254 addresses ( ->

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Discovery Mode Settings

  • Machine / IP / CIDR List
One or more of the following (separated by spaces): FQDN, Hostname, IP or CIDR list
  • Admin Credentials
Account details created in the Hornbill Keysafe of type Username + Password, if not supplied then the Windows NT Service Account used for the SIS will be used. In both cases, the account used must have the required read permission to access Active Directory and administrative rights to access the retrieved devices.