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Use the My Activites Manage Categories.png icon to manage, and create activity categories

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Managing Categories

Each Manually created activity can be assigned a category, by default a Task category is provided, with a single outcome of Done.

  • It is useful to create different activity categories for filtering, viewing and reporting.

Use the My Activities Categories.png icon to add a new category, give the category a name and select OK to add it

  • Once a category has been created it will be available to use when creating manual activities (these categories do not apply to business process created activities)
  • To delete an activity category select the Trash Can icon next to the category you wish to delete

Information previously activity outcomes could be linked to specific activity categories, this has been superseded by the activity templates, and now you can configure specific outcomes, add checklists, define title and descriptions of activities from activity templates. Any existing activity categories will have had a mirrored activity template created automatically when the activity templates were introduced and the outcomes for these can be managed now in the activity templates.