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In Hornbill, Live Chat is available in both the Service and Customer portals, an optional popup can be displayed giving quicker access to a chat agent.


Setting Default Explanation
Enabled False Enable / Disable Chat functionality in the Self Service Portal
Busy False Manually enable the Busy Message preventing any new sessions
Show Self Service Popup True Enable the Self Service Popup
Notification Team Team used to send New Chat Session Notifications
Maximum Active Channels 5 Maximum number of pending and active sessions, once this number is reached new sessions will be prevented and the customers will be shown a busy message
Operational Calendar Service Level Calendar used to provide working hours for when Self Service Chat is available

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Customisation Default Explanation
Border Radius 0 Top left and right border radius in pixels for the popup
Background Colour blue Background Colour for the Popup
Icon & Header Colour White colour of Chat Icon and header text
Show confirmation message on the popup before initiating chat false Show a "configurable" message after the user clicks on the icon, to confirm they want to start a chat session
Confirmation Question Have you taken a look at our FAQ's, as you may be able to find the answer to your question here. The confirmation message if the above option is ticked, this message supports wiki markup
Confirmation button Continue to Chat The confirm button text
Close button Close The close button text

The text can be edited by clicking inside the preview and you can change language to provide better text in each language you support as an organisation.

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