Linking Service Level Agreements to Services

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From the Services record and the SLA tab, you are able to:

  • Link Global Service Level Agreements to a Service
  • Configure Service Level Agreements which are specific and only available to be used against a Service.
  • Manage rules for deciding which SLA will be invoked if two or more SLA's have been linked to a service.

Linking One or Multiple Service Level Agreement's to a Service

In a lot of cases, you may only need to associate one SLA to a Service, as the SLA itself can contain multiple Service Levels, and each Service Level can be configured with different Service Level Targets. It is also possible in the Service Level Agreement to configure rules which will govern which of the Service Levels and their Targets will be used based on the Priority of the Request, the Customer, Site, Company, Catalog Item, Team, Request Type, Team of the request the SLA has been invoked against.

In some scenarios it maybe a requirement to have two or more SLA's configured against a Single Service, and in these cases a Manage Rules option is provided to enable you to configure the rules around when each of the different Service Level Agreements will be used, and in turn their Service Levels.

It is important then to consider when adding more than one Service Level Agreement to a Service that there are two sets of rules which maybe invoked and evaluated when raising requests against a service, and as such the order of these is important to be aware of.

  • Initially if more than one SLA is configured against a service (irrespective of whether they are Global SLA's or Service Specific SLA's), the Manage Rules on the Service will evaluate the rules defined on the Service to determine which SLA to use.
  • If No rules have been defined then the SLA which is at the top of the list of Linked Service Level Agreements will be used.
  • Once a match is made to a rule, it will either use the only Service Level for the chosen SLA or it will evaluate the rules configured within the SLA to establish which Service Level and which Service Level Target to use.

Linking a Corporate Service Level to a Service

  • Under the SLAs tab on the Service record, search for the Corporate SLA you wish to link to the Service
  • Select one or multiple and click on the Linkto link them to the Service

Creating and Linking Service Specific Service Level Agreements

  • Under the SLAs tab on the Services record, select the New Service Level Agreement button
  • Configure the SLA in the same way as a Corporate Service Level Agreement
  • Note this Service Specific SLA will not be available to be linked to any other Service, nor appear in the list of Corporate Service Levels

Re-ordering Linked Services

  • Simply drag and drop the linked SLA's to reorder them. Remembering if no rules have been defined and where more than one SLA is linked to a Services, the SLA at the top of the list will be used.

Unlinking or Removing SLA's form a Service

  • For Corporate SLA, simply click on the Unlink icon to remove the SLA from the Service
  • For a Service Specific SLA, use the Trash Can icon to delete the SLA from the service
  • When unlinking or removing an SLA from a Service, please ensure that the SLA you are removing is not still used in any Rules under the Manage Rules tab on the Service.