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Hornbill has the powerful capability of being able to provide up to 173 different languages that you can present and make available to the users of Hornbill. Options include the ability to automatically translate all of the labels within an application to managing the translation of an individual string.

Managelanguageicon.png Manage Languages


The Manage Languages allows you to enable or disable the languages in order to control which languages are available to your users. An automatic translation can be run on each language that you with to make available.

  • Enable available system languages
  • Automatically translate all available translation strings

Translationsicon.png Translations


The Translations provide access to each individual string that can be translated throughout the entire system. The majority of strings can be translated within the the application UI, however there are some which cannot. Use these features to tune your translations.

  • View individual translation strings
  • Update individual translation strings
  • View translations by application