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The Inventory Viewer provides an interface to organise discovered devices and categorize them as Managed / Un-Managed Devices, as well as removing them. Once marked as Managed, a device subscription is consumed for a minimum of 30 days, after which this or any other Un-managed device will be able to re-use it. Inventory details and the execution of IT Automation jobs are only available for Managed Devices.

Lists are a great way to organise and maintain managed devices within the viewer and provide a mechanism for IT Automation Job deployment to multiple targets.

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Inventory Toolbar

The Inventory toolbar allows actions to be executed on one or more inventory items as detailed below and provides various filtering and refresh options. ITOMInventoryToolbar.png

  • Refresh
A refresh of the list may be required to display any new devices discovered while you are viewing the list
  • Show
  • All Managed Inventory
Show only the devices that categorised as Managed
  • All Un-managed Inventory
Show only those categorized as Un-managed
  • Add Selected To a Managed List
By selecting multiple devices in the list using the checkboxes, you can add these into an available Managed List.
  • Create List
Create a new list for managing or grouping devices
  • Free Text Filter
Free Text filter to search by Name, Manufacturer, Model or Operating System
  • Action Buttons
Each Action applies to one or more selected devices in the Inventory List
  • Toggle Managed Status
Set Selected As Managed / Set Selected as Un-managed
  • Add Selected to A Managed List
This is only available for Managed CIs)
  • Delete Device
This will permanently remove the device from the list

Inventory List


Displays discovered (Managed or Un-Managed) Inventory items and provides access to an items properties and Job Queue. User-defined lists are created and populated from here, and dynamic filtering is also available. Sort the list by clicking on the individual column headers, an indicator displayed next to the sort column stating the sort order as Ascending (AdminToolListHeaderAsc.png) or Descending (AdminToolListHeaderDesc.png). Select Multiple items from the list to execute actions on more than one item; alternatively, the dropdown button next to each item is used to perform actions for individual items.

  • Action
Using this drop-down icon, you can select from several actions that you can apply against this individual inventory item
  • Name
Device hostname. Clicking on the hostname will display a detailed Properties list for this inventory item
  • Manufacturer
Shows the devices manufacturer
  • Model
Devices model details
  • OS
The devices installed Operating System
  • Ping
Displays "Green" if the device was able to respond to a ping request
  • DNS
Displays "Green" if the device was able to be identified by a DNS lookup
  • Discovered On
Shows the discovery date for the device

Device Properties


Clicking on the Device Name will display properties discovered for the selected item; the following information is available:

  • Summary (Name, Discovered On, Ping, DNS)
  • Manufacturer / Hardware (showing Model, Serial Number, CPU & Memory)
  • Operating System
  • Network
  • Installed OS Options
  • Installed Software (filterable)
  • Job Queue
    Provides the same interface to that used within the main Job Queue, with the difference here being that only jobs for the selected item will be visible and able to be created. For further details on the functionality of this feature, refer to the Job Queue documentation:
For Un-managed devices, only the Summary information is available.

Managed Lists

These lists provide a mechanism to allow for IT Automations or Runbook jobs execution across multiple devices. They are manually populated and contain managed devices, each of which can exist in various lists.

Create a Managed List

  1. Navigate to (Home > ITOM > Inventory Viewer)
  2. From the Show filter Select + Create List
  3. Enter a name for the List
  4. The new list will now appear in the list of filters

Adding Devices to a List


  1. From the Inventory View select two or more Managed Devices
  2. Click the Add to Managed List MenuPlusWhite.png button:
  3. The List is displayed showing the added entries


  1. Locate a Managed Device
  2. Click the dropdown and select +Add To Managed List

Removing Devices from a List


  1. Select the required List
  2. Click the checkbox next to each entry to be removed
  3. Select Remove Selected From ... MenuMinusButtonWhite.png button
  4. Click Yes on the Confirmation box; to remove devices from the list


  1. From the Show dropdown, select a populated List
  2. Locate a Managed Device
  3. Click the dropdown and select +Remove From ...
  4. Click Yes on the Confirmation box, to remove devices from the list