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Hornbill is a powerful tool designed for business use and as such is designed to integrate with typical enterprise environments easily and reliably. The Hornbill platform uses open standards extensively and provide well defined, clearly documented standards based integration points and to the greatest possible extent we provide "easy to use" user interfaces to simplify the process of configuring and testing of common integrations.

The Hornbill platform its self, as well as the range of tools we provide to support the platform, are designed around the philosophy of Service Oriented Architecture which means that our system and its many components are loosely-coupled services and exposed through a secure, self-documented, standards-based web-services API's. It is this design that is the foundation of our automated test strategy which ensures we maintain a consistent and reliable service while delivering new functionality progressively and regularly.

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Essential Integrations

These are basic things needed in order to quickly get the system up and running with meaningful data and connectivity. Because we believe these integrations are essential to every deployment we have put a lot of effort into simplifying the process of establishing these integration points. We also believe that because these integration needs are pretty much universally required by our customers in order that they get good value from our technology, we carry out the work with you to establish these integration points totally free of any charge as part of the Switch-On service we provide. We will generally carry out this work during your evaluation/trial period before you have to make any financial or contractual commitment to us our or service.

Advanced Integrations

This category includes more complex and often customer-specific needs such as integration with other data sources or business systems that you might want to interoperate. Because of the undefinable nature of these requirements we would deliver the work needed to put these things in place through paid-for consulting services either directly through one of our integration partners. The ongoing support and maintenance of such integrations will be agreed with customers on a case-by-case basis.

Hornbill Open Integration Tools

We provide an ever expanding list of open-source tools for integrating and extending the Hornbill platform. We release these tools as open source tools under a very liberal open source licence (shown below). Our team here at Hornbill support many of these tools via our community channels and we encourage our customers and technology partners to get involved. These tools and examples provide a great resource for getting started with API/WebHook level integrations with our platform.

All of these tools are open source and are freely available in source code from our GitHub repository. Please also see our integration page for more details and documentation on specific tools that are in common use.

Hornbill GitHub Repository

Business Process Automation & Orchestration

Hornbill provides a powerful Business Process workflow tool allowing Business Users to create / update and manage their business processes, with the introduction of the Integration Node the power of this tool has been increased to now position Business Process Orchestration as part of the Hornbill offering.

Hornbill iBridge

Hornbill Provides its own out of the box integrations with various cloud providers as part of our Integration Bridge service (iBridge), The Hornbill iBridge allows you to integrate Automated tasks within a Business Process without the need to install or configure any on premise software or make any firewall changes. No additional configuration is required for the Hornbill iBridge out of the box you will have access to our catalog of various integrations detailed here, new integrations can be requested on the Hornbill Forum and if accepted will be made available as part of our Continuous Delivery model. All Hornbill iBridge automations are provided with simple to use input and outputs that can easily be mapped into an existing Business Process with a completely code less design.

Business Intelligence Tools

Hornbill provides it's own reporting and advanced analytics capabilities, but also recognises customers use business intelligence tools and solutions to analyse data from across multiple business systems and solutions and want to analyse their Hornbill data alongside that of their other solutions. Hornbill have provided a number of example scripts to enable Microsoft Power BI administrators to use the Hornbill Reporting and Trending Engine APIs as Data Sources within Power BI reports and dashboards.

Collaboration Integrations

Hornbill is a powerful cloud based collaboration tool designed to share ideas and information. In order to make our tool as flexible as possible, we integrate with other cloud based services in order to make sharing or content, including rich media easy, seamless and transparent. Generally speaking, integration in this context means being able to understand, embed and communicate with other popular cloud services. The following is a list of the services we have pre-integrated with and simply work our of the box.