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ITOM provides additional rights that can be assigned to a security role, allowing access to individual features. Two System Security Roles currently provided enable full access to any user account that is a member. If this role is not favourable, creating a Custom Role containing a combination of the ITOM rights detailed below and the many others provided by the Hornbill platform can be used. You should note that the restriction of rights imposed by the ITOM subscription policy applied to your Hornbill instance will always take precedence.

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  • Roles
  • ITOM Application Administration
Enables assigned users full access to the configuration interface for SIS server Management and Application Settings
  • ITOM Application User
Enables assigned users full access to the ITOM Application.
  • Rights
  • Manage Automation Jobs
Enables access to the job queue where IT Automation and Discovery Jobs can be initiated and monitored
  • Manage Inventory
Enables access to the inventory where devices can be organised and there managed status set
  • Manage Runbooks
Enables access to the Runbook orchestration features
  • Manage Site Integration Services
Enables the creation and management Site Integration Connectors
  • Manage Site Integration Packages
Enables the ability to create and manage custom packages
  • Table Rights
Access to the following tables are required and its recommended that full access is provided, with restrictions to features only controlled by the use of the ITOM rights detailed above.
  • h_inv_computer
  • h_inv_installed_options
  • h_inv_installed_software
  • h_inv_ip_networks
  • h_inv_list
  • h_inv_listcomputer
  • h_sis_groups
  • h_sis_installed_packages
  • h_sis_jobs
  • h_sis_packages
  • h_sis_published_packages
  • h_sis_servers
  • Additional Roles
  • Business Process Manager
Required for access to the orchestration features provided by Runbooks (powered by the BPM)
  • manageKeysafe
Required for access to the Keysafe features in order to apply credentilas to IT Automations
Once you have updated to the new ITOM application, the ITOM Administrator role is no longer required and should be replaced with the ITOM Application Administrator and ITOM Application User roles.