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ITOM Administration provides details of the configuration options for ITOM, which can be configured within the Administration portal.





ITOM Subscription

Free preview access is available by default for all Hornbill subscriptions when you have no ITOM subscription. The free tier is provided to enable you to give ITOM a try and let you navigate around the full capabilities of ITOM. The free tier is limited to 10 job runs a month to facilitate this trial; if your usage in production is so light that ten jobs are enough, you are free to use ITOM capabilities in production without a subscription.

ITOM is available in different subscription tiers. All instances have access to the basic free tier, and it can be upgraded when requested. Below is a table detailing the tiers and the functionality available on each tier:

Free Preview Basic User Account Mgmt Server DevOps
Job Runs Per Month 10 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Site Integration Servers 1 2 8 8
Discovery (marked as Managed) (* see info below) 10 10 100 100
Job Queue Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Packaged Content: Basic Windows AD/Network Account Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Administration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linux/*nix/Network Management (SSH etc.) Yes No Yes Yes
Pre-Packaged Content: Server and Cloud Management * Yes No Yes Yes
Runbook Automation Yes (1) No Yes Yes
Job Scheduling Yes (1) No Yes Yes
Custom Package Creation, Powershell and Bash scripting Yes (1) No No Yes
Full Software Deployment Yes (1) No No Yes
For Server and DevOps tiers, there is no actual limit on the number of devices, but there is a charge per each extra 100 managed devices