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The Hornbill Switch-On Plus onboarding approach is suitable for a variety of organisations. Those embarking on this journey begin with the Hornbill 30 Day free trial, undertaking the Switch-On activities that are included as part of the 30 days. On day 30, the subscription decision is made which marks the transition into an Expert Services package. The content of the package can be tailored to your needs, but will primarily be driven by those requirements that fall outside of the Switch-On activities. The level of knowledge gained through the 30 day trial may well allow you to share the responsibility between your new-born Hornbill Champion and a Hornbill Product Specialist, ensuring that this approach can provide a cost effective path to enhancing and developing the value of your new solution. Alternatively, you can provide Hornbill with your outstanding requirements and we'll do the rest.

This implementation approach will appeal to organisations whose requirements cannot be served via the Switch-On activities alone, who are cost conscious, do not require a fully managed implementation, and have resource willing and able to actively participate in the configuration of the system at least for the first 30 Days.

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Each additional stage of configuration post-trial will be approached using a methodology designed to ensure the outcome satisfies your desired goal associated with that phase of configuration. We would aim to maintain momentum by scheduling and carrying out the work soon after your subscription has been processed.


A Hornbill Product Specialist would conduct requirements gathering to listen and understand your objectives in relation to this further stage of configuration. The relationship that develops during the 30 day trial will likely mean we'll already be tuned in to what your organisation is striving for but we always want to ensure we're working with the latest information in order to maximise your satisfaction at the end of the delivery.


With your requirements in hand, our skilled Product Specialists will put their creative minds to work and produce the configuration in your Hornbill instance. If you wish to further your knowledge, there may be the opportunity to accompany the Product Specialist on this journey of creation, further enhancing your awareness and gaining valuable insights into the best Hornbill design practices.


When the Product Specialist feels that your requirements have been met, the first draft will be presented to you to ensure that we've interpreted your requirements exactly as you envisioned. Any changes, corrections, or refinements can then be noted and applied.


A final review establishes that the original requirements have been met and that the configuration or work performed will allow you to realise the value that Hornbill can offer and reap the organisational benefits you desire.


An optional step in the engagement but as with all expert services work you can request that the configuration comes with full documentation and/or training and demonstration activities. Many aspects of configuration may not require this in any great depth but where complex reports or business process workflows are involved a detailed annotation may be desirable.

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