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The Solution Center brings together all the information about your Hornbill. Apps, subscriptions, what's new, what's available, what's coming, and more.

Accessing the Solution Center

  1. Click on the Configuration Cog Icon located at the bottom of the main left hand menu bar
  2. From the Configuration Selector, choose Hornbill Solution Center

App Store

The Hornbill App Store is a place where one can go to browse, install, and remove applications on your Hornbill Instance. Applications are categorized under Installed, Premium, and Free. By clicking on each available application you are able to view the details of that application.


Application Details

Click on an app to see more details about the app.


  • Install
If the application is not currently installed, an Install button will be available to install that app
  • Update
When a new update of an installed application is available, a notification will be displayed in the Hornbill App Store. Applications are automatically updated during the maintenance window (0530 UTC Mon-Fri). If you wish to apply the update before the maintenance window, you can proceed with applying the update immediately by clicking on the Update button.
  • Uninstall
If you happen to have an application installed that you no longer need, it can be removed with a click of a button. Have you uninstalled by mistake? Not a worry...your data is intact. Re-install and start from where you left off.
  • Latest Changes
You are able to view the latest updates to each application, including what's new, changed and fixed. If there is a pending updating, the most recently displayed changes will not be applied until the update has been performed.

Road Map

Get a peak at some of the planned features for each app.

  • Incomming
Features that have been agreed on and incorporated into our roadmap, but no timeframes allocated
  • 90 Day Commit
Features that have been committed for work to start within 90 days of being added
  • In Progress
Features that are currently under development
  • Completed
Features that have recently been completed and are available to customers

Update History

Find the dates, times, and build numbers of all the past updates to the app.

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See Hornbill's extensive list of integrations with other solutions. The types of Integrations include those that can be triggered through automated workflows, webhooks, data imports, and imbedded content.

  • Premium
Get unlimited access to all these integrations though our Integration Subscription
  • Free
These integrations are available with no restrictions.
  • Amazon
See our collection of available Amazon integrations
  • Hornbill
Hornbill Integrations allow you to communicate across multiple Hornbill instances
  • Microsoft
See our collection of available Microsoft integrations

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IT Automation (ITOM / DevOps)

Hornbill's IT Operations Management (ITOM) includes administrative processes and support for software and hardware that allow you to execute routine tasks to support and control your IT services and IT infrastructure. Explore all of the available packages which are broken down in groups that include Account Management, Automation, Device Management, Monitoring, Package Management, and Virtualization

Click on an individual package to see more detail about what it does, how to get it, and the requirements to use it.

  • All Packages
See a list of all the available packages
  • Windows
View a list of Windows specific IT automation packages
  • Linux
View a list of Linux specific IT automation packages
  • Apple OSX
View a list of Apple OSX specific IT automation packages

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Get a view of all your subscription information for Hornbill. This includes storage, mailboxes, users, and applications. Also available here is the ability to create a Passcode for Hornbill Support.


View your usage dashboard to see your

  • Database Usage (The amount of space used directly within the database)
  • Disk Usage (The amount of storage used by items such as images and emails)
  • Total Usage (Database Usage + Disk Usage)
  • Users
  • Basic Users
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Instance Storage Usage Monthly / Daily


Application Subscriptions

View a list of all the applications that you have subscribed to.

  • Application
Name of the application that is installed and available in Hornbill
  • Version
The version that is currently installed in Hornbill.
  • Install Date
The date on which the application was originally installed.
  • Subscriptions
The number of subscribers currently subscribed to the app. Subscriptions listed as Unlimited are app that do not require additional subscriptions and are available to all Collaboration subscribers.



See the list of your key contacts that are registered with Hornbill



Support Passcodes

Support Passcodes have been designed to allow Customers to grant temporary access to their Instance should this be needed for Support to investigate an open issue. A Passcode will be generated against a particular User, allowing the Support Team Member the ability to investigate behaviour with the same access level as the User experiencing the issue.

Generating a Support Passcode to enable Hornbill Support to access your Instance

  1. Click on the Hornbill Configuration cog in the bottom left of the screen
  2. Select Hornbill Solution Center from the dropdown list
  3. Under the Subscription category select Your Usage
  4. Select the Support tab
  5. Click on the Generate Support Passcode button
  6. In the popup
    1. Select the User you wish the Passcode to be generated against
    2. Select the duration of the passcode (from 1 to 72 hours)
    3. Record a note of the purpose for generating the passcode
    4. Click the Generate button
  7. The Passcode will be displayed
  • Once this dialog is dismissed, you cannot retrieve this Passcode. Should you forget the current Passcode a new one will need to be generated.
  • Generating a new Passcode will automatically revoke the any existing Passcode
  • If there is an active Passcode the Revoke current access code button will be active. Clicking this will revoke access for the current Passcode.

Latest Changes

Road Map Library

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