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Pre Switch-On Services

Our Product Specialists can assist you with the preparation work, aligning your thoughts and documentation with the Hornbill tool so you are ready to simply Switch-On and go. Make the most of your Free 30-day trial and Switch-On by ensuring your preparation aligns with your Hornbill solution and that you are one step ahead at all times. The different areas addressed as part of our Pre Switch-On Services are listed below:

Validating needs and goals

A session to align your organisations thoughts, processes and resources with Hornbill Service Manager. This will ensure that during the switch-on you are in the best possible position to configure your system quickly and effectively in line to meet your business requirements.

Data Import Validation

A pre-check and feedback of recommendations to ensure that maximum value from the free Switch-on service is gained. We will validate your import data and make recommendations where updates or changes would be beneficial.

Business Process Validation

We understand you may have well established processes whether they are documented or not. We can validate your business processes in line with Hornbill Service Manager to save you time and effort so you can be assured that you will be able to obtain maximum value from the Switch-on process. As part of this service, our Product Specialists will assists your Service Desks in getting the right information to the right analysts first time. We can align your progressive capture thinking and assist you with your preparation work so when you come to implement your Business Processes you can be sure you are getting the most out of Service Manager.