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Hornbill Mobile is a great way to stay connected with your co-workers while you are on the move. Hornbill Mobile versions are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Access Hornbill's collaboration features, manage your tasks and authorisations, keep up to date with notifications, and never be out of touch with real time access to line of business applications such as Service Manager and Document Manager.

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Apple (IOS 7 and above)

Hornbill's mobile for iOS is available in the Apple App Store. You can install this to your iOS device from the App Store by searching for Hornbill Mobile.


Hornbill's mobile for Android is available in Google Play. Using your Android device, navigate to the Google Play and search for Hornbill Mobile.

Registering and Logging in

Hornbill has introduced a great new feature to allow you to easily register your mobile devices against your Hornbill user account to provide a quick and secure login to Hornbill from the Hornbill Mobile App. When the Hornbill Mobile App is run for the first time, three simple instructions takes you through how to set up your mobile device to get access to your account. Register all your mobile devices and get easy access to Hornbill from where ever you are.

For more information on this and alternative ways of logging into your Hornbill Mobile App, see the Mobile Device Registration information in the Related Articles section


Hornbill Mobile contains a number of collaboration features for keeping up to date with your co-workers.


Always be informed when something important has happened


  • News Feed - Access to your Newsfeed to keep up to date with all the thing that are most important to you
  • Conversations - Continue or start new conversations
  • Activities - Access, review and complete Tasks and Authorizations
  • Co-Workers - Access Co-workers contact details, start conversations
  • Contacts - Access Contacts details
  • Organizations - Access your organisations details and any related contacts
  • Nearby - Use your current location (if you have location services enabled) to find other nearby co-workers
  • Drafts - Access any content which has been saved whilst you were offline and attempt to submit again once a connection is available


  • View All workspaces you own or are a member of
  • View and join any public workspaces
  • See notifications relating to posts and comments of your workspaces
  • Add posts and comments to your workspaces that you follow. Include pictures or a video
  • Check in to share your current location and let your co-workers know what you are up to
  • Search workspaces
  • Create new workspaces

Application Plug-ins

Some of the applications provided by Hornbill can be accessed through Hornbill Mobile.

Administer Mobile

Use the Cog icon from the Menu to open the Hornbill Mobile configuration settings

  • Location Services
  • Last Known Location - Use this option to let your co-workers know where you are based on check-ins and updates
  • Settings
  • Language - Choose your language preference
  • Sounds - Choose if you which to receive sound notifications
  • Security
  • Passcode Lock - Add an additional level of security by adding a passcode, which will be required each time you wish to access the Hornbill Mobile
  • Miscellaneous
  • Clear Cache
  • Privacy Policy - Review the Hornbill Mobile privacy terms and conditions
  • Send Feedback - Help Hornbill improve the service we offer by providing feedback
  • About Hornbill Mobile - See Hornbill build and instance details

Deregister Device - Use this option to disconnect the Hornbill Mobile from the current Instance and User Account.