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Collaborative Service Management

  • Create users on Hornbill add them to groups and roles, Post to workspaces and Buzz and much more on any Hornbill instance
  • Create, update and close requests on any Hornbill instance
  • Create, and add content to Projects on any Hornbill instance

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KeySafe Configuration

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In order to integrate with Hornbill, you will first need to configure, and securely store the authentication credentials for the Hornbill instance and Accounts you want to use with the Hornbill App.

Configure your Hornbill account authentication in KeySafe in order to use the Hornbill options.

In the admin console > System > Security > KeySafe

  • Select on + and select Hornbill Authentication
  • Give the Hornbill KeySafe a Title (this is the name / identifier for the Hornbill account as you will see it when using the Integration Call node in your business process)
  • Optionally add a description
  • Instance URL - Define the Hornbill Instance URL you wish to connect to - In the following format: https://eurapi.hornbill.com/<YOURINSTANCE>
  • where eur represents the Zone your instance is located in.
  • API Key - The API key for the user account under which the Hornbill actions will be performed. This user account needs to have the appropriate roles and rights to perform the actions.
  • You can create an API Key for a user from the admin console > System > Organisational Data > Users and then the API Key tab on a users profile
  • Select Create Key to save

Managing Hornbill Configurations

  • Use KeySafe to create, store and enable integrations with multiple Hornbill accounts for use in your business processes
  • From the Keysafe List, select a Hornbill account, and use the Trash Can to delete it
  • Note, this will remove the rights of any existing Hornbill Integration Calls in your business processes, which are using the now deleted Hornbill Account, so you will need to edit your business processes accordingly.

Options (Methods)

Once you have your Hornbill Account Authorised, your all set to use it with the Integration Call in your business processes. The following options are now available for you to use with Hornbill:


  • Create New User
  • Add User to Company Group
  • Add User to Cost Center Group
  • Add User to Department Group
  • Add User to Division Group
  • Add User to General Group
  • Add User to Team Group
  • Associate User to Role - Collaboration
  • Associate User to Role - Document Manager
  • Associate User to Role - Service Manager

Board Manager

  • Add to Board
  • Get Card
  • Move Card
  • Remove from Board
  • Update Card


  • Post to my Buzz
  • Post another users Buzz
  • Add a comment to an existing Activity

Document Manager

  • Link Document

Project Manager

  • Create Project
  • Create, Update, Get and Remove Project Milestones
  • Create, Update, Get Remove Project Costs
  • Create, Update, Remove Project Stakeholders
  • Create, Update, Get and Remove Project Risks

Service Manager

  • Log New Request
    • Log New Incident
    • Log New Service Request
  • Common
    • Get/Update Request Type Specific Fields
      • Get/Update Change Process Only Fields
      • Get/Update Known Error Only Fields
      • Get/Update Problem Only Fields
      • Get/Update Release Only Fields
    • Get Request Details
    • Get Request Custom Fields
    • Update Request Fields
    • Update Request Timeline
    • Resolve Request
    • Close Request
  • Services
    • Subscribe Company to Service
    • Subscribe Contact to Service
    • Subscribe Department to Service
    • Subscribe Organization to Service
    • Subscribe Team to Service
    • Subscribe User to Service
    • Unsubscribe Company from Service
    • Unsubscribe Contact from Service
    • Unsubscribe Department from Service
    • Unsubscribe Organization from Service
    • Unsubscribe Team from Service
    • Unsubscribe User from Service


  • Analyst
    • Accept Call
    • Assign Call
    • Cancel Call
    • Close Call
    • Get Call Info
    • Get Call SLA
    • Get Call Status
    • Hold Call
    • Log Call
    • Off Hold Call
    • Resolve Call
    • Update Call
  • Customer
    • Cancel Call
    • Log Call
    • Update Call

Read more about using the Integration Call from the Related Articles section, and learn how to work with input and output parameters for each of the Hornbill options.


In this example, we will see how it is possible to use multiple automation's across multiple cloud services to orchestrate repetitive tasks such as creating user accounts as part of your new starter / on-boarding process. In this example we have predefined the authentication credentials in KeySafe for Microsoft Azure, SalesForce and Hornbill.

Through the business process designer we can then use the Integration Call node several times, invoking the different automation options to allow us to take progressive capture and request variables to create a new user in Microsoft Azure, SalesForce and Hornbill

In this example we will also show the use of one of the Hornbill iBridge utilities for generating temporary passwords, configurable to conform to different password strength requirements, as well as look at automating the allocation of roles, and membership to groups in Hornbill to immediately take Serviced available to the user based on the groups subscription to different services.