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Hornbill Knowledge

Hornbill has a mixed approach for delivering education. We have a diverse customer base, made up of people with busy work schedules, and we understand that it isn’t always possible for people to take themselves away completely from their everyday responsibilities. For this reason, we have a variety of options to ensure you gain the knowledge that you require.


Hornbill presents a number of webinars to assist Hornbill customers in gaining an understanding and become aware of the various concepts, features, and functionality available on the Hornbill Platform. You simply need to register within the slot that suits you, and a Hornbill Product Specialist will guide you through the content of that session.

These "Knowledge Transfer" webinars are available to both participants of an onboarding engagement and existing Hornbill subscribers looking to refresh their knowledge or bring a new Hornbill Subscriber up to speed.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the webinars, you can search the Hornbill Wiki, or post them to the Hornbill Forums (https://community.hornbill.com/) where the whole team here at Hornbill will be able to reply and assist - and you may even get assistance from the rest of our community i.e. other Hornbill subscribers, where configuration methods and ideas are often shared.

Collaborative Participation

Throughout any engagement, your team will have the opportunity to actively participate in the delivery, we encourage a collaborative approach to accelerate your learning. This also enables the transfer of responsibility to those that have become familiar with the work delivered and gained sufficient knowledge through that process. Hornbill will continue to welcome any further opportunities for paid work, but ethically, we have a responsibility to allow you to take the reins. This ensures that you are fully prepared for any further Hornbill Service Manager configuration work that might be required. This format is encouraged from the very first Onboarding engagement and continuously suggested throughout any further services work that you commission us to complete. We think our customers appreciate that we have their interests in mind as we always consider self-sufficiency to be an important factor in how we deliver services to you.

Premier Success Credits

For Premier Success Customers it is possible to utilise your Premier Success Credits for remote or onsite educational content delivery. This is a flexible option to make use of the initial Premier Success Credits that you receive as part of the Success Plan or any additional top-ups that you may have made. With the Success Credits, you are in control of the delivery format and the content to be covered. The only stipulation is that a minimum of 10 credits would need to be consumed for on-site educational works shops which include expenses. To initiate this you simply need to raise a request through the Customer Portal stating that you wish to consume your Premier Success Credits for this purpose.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Alternatively, we can very quickly determine your exact need and create a SOW detailing the cost and the desired context based outcomes. The TNA session usually takes less than 30 minutes and is a process of acquiring detail in the specific areas of knowledge that might be lacking and assess the current level of the potential attendees. Through this process, we would be able to state the cost as well as recommend a delivery format. This option can also be used to deliver training to your employees that have a responsibility within your business to subsequently train your staff - Train The Trainer.