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Success Focused Framework


Proven 5 Step Delivery


Outstanding Technology


Outstanding People

Hornbill has developed an Approach for On-boarding engagements specifically designed to ensure that your Objectives and Success Criteria are at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. Ensuring that the milestones set and achieved are classed successful only if they contribute towards meeting your objectives. This along with our Outstanding Technology and Outstanding People, form Hornbill’s 4 Pillars of Success

  • Success Focused Framework
  • Proven 5 step Delivery
  • Outstanding Technology
  • Outstanding People

Success Focused Framework

Hornbill's Success Focused Framework, championed by Hornbill Customer Success, follow one simple rule, Deliver Success. The Framework, therefore, uses the engagement touchpoints as an opportunity to assess the delivery and realign, if necessary, to ensure your success criteria continues to test true. From the Initiation, right through to the Celebration, the main focus is to ensure that what you set out to achieve is realised. We don't stop there, with a Success Plan we continue to ensure that your business continues to see value in the way we engage and the way you use our solution.

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Proven 5 step Delivery

5 step proven Delivery Method

Hornbill's Proven 5 step delivery method is centred around one important factor, ensuring that the path set will achieve your objectives. Each stage contains a Success Focused Purpose and that is to check that your Success Criteria continue to test true. Because we understand that selecting a new Partner and a new solution is loaded with risk, our 5 step Delivery Method also includes building a Proof of Concept (POC), based on Hornbill Switch-On activities. This helps reduce RISK and gives you the ability to make an Informed CHOICE - accept or reject Hornbill as the right partner for you without any further financial commitments. Proof of Concept

1 Discover
A Hornbill consultant will use a variety of tools to encourage and capture requirements to determine the exact purpose of the process or functional area. Through a workshop format, they will fully document and track through requirements and detail the variety of activities that will be required to deliver the Hornbill solution to meet your needs. Fully appreciating your objectives and the criteria used to determine their success begins at this stage.

2 Define
Although, during the Discover stage an element of refinement will take place, a much more advantageous approach is to reflect on the detail and begin to establish any duplication and/or waste that can be eliminated at every stage. Your Hornbill consultant will determine any areas of the detail captured that require further clarity, or scrutiny, and possibly even be rendered “Not Required”. Your objectives are officially documented along with the associated success criteria.

3 Design
This stage will see that all required activities are detailed so that

  • The exact activity is clearly documented
  • The source is noted
  • Any required inputs and or dependencies are identified
  • The success criteria for each activity is clear
  • The delivery mechanism and resource required is documented

The document produced at this stage can be used to contribute towards the creation and execution of a project plan. The consultant and the Customer Success team will manage the engagement and will provide regular updates on the progress of all the activities being actioned.

4 Deliver
The Hornbill consultant will coordinate and invoke the required Hornbill resource to complete the activities. Any Customer activities identified throughout this process will be communicated so that you can further coordinate any actions required. The Delivery of any of the identified activities will be fully documented and handed over for review during the Deploy stage for a coordinated review.

5 Deploy
This stage will see the acknowledgement and therefore completion of an activity, or set of activities, identified to meet a specific requirement. This will also be fully documented and collaboratively acknowledged. If an activity, or a set of activities, have been delivered but found not to meet the intended requirement, so long as the requirements have not changed, it will be put back to the Define stage to ensure that the activity is planned to meet the intended requirement. Both your dedicated Product Specialist and your Customer Success team will be aware of the planned activities. This stage will see that the details are handed over so that any further discussions / assistance can take place with full confidence that your dedicated team are aware of how to engage with your stakeholder community.

Outstanding Technology

We at Hornbill believe in using the tools that we sell. from using Hornbill Service Manager to drive the delivery of our internal and external services and process to using Hornbill Project Manager as part of a Hornbill Bespoke Onboarding engagement for our customers. We believe in our products and use them to drive our everyday business interactions. We don't sell you our tools, we sell you our experience and our experience is that our tools are the best in the market.


Outstanding People

Team Hornbill

Our people and their commitment to delivering an outstanding experience set us apart. Experience in many implementations spanning over ten years across many products. Experience in Hornbill products from a technical and business perspective starting from our own to all those that have been successfully onboarded. The Customer Success team initiate the engagement before allocating a dedicated Engagement / Project Manager (depending on which is required) and Lead Product Specialist. A team of product Specialists involved in the delivery as required. With the Customer Success team providing guidance on the customer experience and ensuring the achievement of the Objectives to initiating a Customer Advocacy Programme.

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