Hiding Unanswered questions

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Display queries are some of the most common queries raised by customers. Queries range from how to set up Routing Rules to Email delivery not happening. The following are some examples:

  • Internet Explorer configuration when using Service Manager
  • Hiding Unanswered questions
  • View for future dates

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Hiding Unanswered questions

Some requests raised by customers have questions and if there are no answers entered for those questions, you end up with a scenario where the question is displayed and underneath the question, you get the words


This tends to look untidy and should there be any information in say 20 questions, you would have to weed through the unanswered questions to be able to see the answered questions. A customer raised the query if there was a way to hide unanswered questions answers from the view of the analyst for ease of visibility.

In the admin portal, if you go to Hornbill Service Manager -> Application Settings and then filter on "answer" you should see the following three settings which when turned on will hide the unanswered questions:

  • app.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions
  • guest.servicemanager.customer.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions
  • guest.servicemanager.portal.request.questions.hideUnansweredQuestions

These settings can be toggled on or off to achieve this objective.