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Who needs to be involved in the Switch-On?

The typical roles of the people who are involved in the Switch-On are:
  • Switch-On Lead – the individual responsible for completing and/or co-ordinating the completion of any pre-requisite material, Switch-On activities, and have the authority to make decisions (or coordinate decision making) with regards to Service Delivery.
  • Post-Switch-On Administrator – the individual responsible for the continuing Administration of you Hornbill instance after your Go Live date
  • Email/ADFS technical experts – there is a certain amount of configuration required in your environment to enable the successful integration of Email and Single Sign On. The relevant personnel should be on-hand
  • Team Leader(s)/Service Delivery Manager(s) - This is optional but advised if your organisation consists of teams distributed across multiple sites. Where this is the case your implementation benefits when a representative from each of these teams (who is knowledgeable in how that team operates) is involved. This allows any potential training burden to be shared closer to go live and ensures appropriate decision makers are involved throughout.

What is the minimum lead time you require prior to the trial?

We don't have a minimum lead time, but we typically recommend at least 1 Week from the completion of your Pre Switch-On Session. If possible we aim to start all SwitchOns on the next available Monday.

Is the trial period 30 Calendar Days or 30 Working Days?

The trial period is 30 Calendar Days

Do I complete the Switch-On activities and then begin the 30 Day Trial?

No - The completion of the Switch-On Activities form part of the 30 Day Trial. You are not just evaluating the solution, but also the ease of administration and just as importantly, learning and training how to use Hornbill throughout the process. The Switch-On activities themselves are typically completed within 3 weeks, but you are free to use the remaining days as part of your evaluation.

Who will be my Hornbill representative during the trial?

You will be assigned a Hornbill Product Specialist during your trial, who will be your single point of contact for any questions, queries or assistance you need. They will be coordinating and delivering the Switch-On activities with you, ensuring all is going to plan and you are getting the most out of it, as well as being your go to point for questions regarding anything from Best Practice to technical integration queries. We do ask for you to collate any questions you have during the trial and ask them during your dedicated personal "Question and Answer" sessions where we can ensure you are completely satisfied with the answer and any knowledge transfer provided.

Will my instance be switched off if I don't Go Live after 30 days?

No! There is no caveat for you to go live after 30 days. This is a trial to ensure that the tool meets your requirements and is fit for purpose. Day 30 is the point by which you will need to decide whether or not to become a Hornbill Subscriber,. It also signifies the end of sessions you will have with your Product Specialist. If you become a subscriber, you may need a little longer to perform any additional configuration or provide training to your users which is not a problem - and you will still have access to our Hornbill Forums for advice and assistance as well as the benefits your chosen success plan may offer. But of course, as soon as you subscribe, you can choose to Go Live at whichever point you like.

How much effort will be required from us during the Switch-On?

We will be working alongside you to demonstrate and enable you to configure your instance rather than performing all the configuration for you. This is very much by design - we want to enable you to not just be able to perform this in the future, but also to trial as many areas as possible and hopefully see how intuitive the tool is. So the process will require you to dedicate some time towards the Switch-On outside of the personal sessions - for example, your Product Specialist may spend some time during a session running through how to set up a Support Team and associate a team member - and may ask you to create the remaining teams and associations before our next session. There are some exceptions here such as Bulk Imports of data that can only be performed by Hornbill, but the majority will be a collaborative effort. In terms of the amount of time required, all we can say is the more you can put in, the more you will get out!

A feature I would like does not exist in the tool - where can I request this?

We ask for all feature requests, whether you are taking part in a Switch-On or already subscribed, to be directed to the Hornbill Forums. Once registered, you will have access to our thriving community consisting of many other Honrbill Subscribers as well as the ENTIRE team here at Hornbill for help and advice. The reason we ask for feature requests here, is because we can see how much traction and interest your request generates from other customers as well - and this helps us with the prioritisation and future road map of features.