FAQ:Subscriptions and Pricing

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How are Hornbill subscriptions priced?

The Hornbill service is based on a 'named subscription' per user. This is a monthly recurring subscription payable annually in advance.

How can I get a quote?

You can get a quote by contacting us at Contact Us:

How do I place an order for Hornbill?

Once you have signed up to a Free 30 Day Trial you will be able to place an order simply by completing an order form which will be provided to you by your Hornbill representative. The acceptance of the solution can be made on or before the end of the 30 Day Trial Period.

Does Hornbill offer any discounts?

No. Hornbill does not offer discounts other than those which are automatically applied based on volume subscriptions. We believe in building an 'outstanding product' and delivering and 'awesome service' and as such our pricing is reflected in this and reviewed regularly to ensure that we are offering a high degree of value exchange.

What happens if Hornbill increases its subscription pricing?

Hornbill Priced for Life Guarantee: At Hornbill we think that it’s important to show loyalty to our customers in exchange for their custom. As part of this commitment we guarantee that the price you pay today is guaranteed for as long as you remain a subscriber to our service. The price plan in place at the time you subscribe to the Hornbill subscription is fixed for as long as you remain a subscribing customer to that service, so if we do increase the price of our service at some point in the future you won’t be affected, better still if we reduce the price you have the option to switch to over to the new price plan without any penalty.

How do I go about Adding and Removing Subscriptions?

One of the compelling things about a native cloud service like Hornbill is the fact that there are no software licencing concerns around the transfer of rights or ownership. Hornbill is simply a service you subscribe to and as such you can flex your subscriptions as required.

As and when you require a change in the number of subscriptions, be that an increase or a decrease, your authoritative contact would raise a request via the Hornbill Success Portal at which point a Subscription Change document would be sent out to you illustrating the old and new subscriptions and associated costs for you to sign off. Once this is signed we would make the necessary adjustments immediately.

If you have increased your subscriptions then ALL your subscriptions are re calculated based on the volume discounted unit cost and you will be issued with an ‘interim invoice’ to true up to the end of your ‘subscription period’.

For the avoidance of doubt your subscription period is a 12-month invoicing period and does not constitute a contract term.

If your change is a reduction then the calculation is based on ALL your subscriptions being calculated based on the volume discounted unit cost for the reduced number of subscriptions and you will be issued with a ‘credit on your account’ to true up to the end of your ‘subscription period’.

Can I have a Test Environment?

Hornbill does not offer a Test Environment/Instance as the traditional reasons for requiring such an environment are largely mitigated by the automated and continuous updates that you receive as a Hornbill subscriber. Testing of business processes or progressive captures can be undertaken against a 'test service' with limited visibility.