FAQ:Payments and Refunds

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What are Hornbills payment terms?

Hornbills payment terms are strictly 30 days.

Can I pay my subscriptions monthly?

Unfortunately not, presently we only offer the ability to make your subscription payments annually in advance.

How do I get a refund in the event of termination?

Should you choose to serve notice to terminate, you will be asked to provide a 'Termination Date' on which we will suspend your Hornbill Instance. As of this point a refund will be calculated based on any unused subscriptions paid in advance and a credit note will be issued to you and a refund by bank transfer made to your bank account.

What should we do if we have a query about an invoice?

Any and all finance related queries or questions should be directed to the Hornbill Accounts Department at Accounts@Hornbill.Com

Are there any applicable taxes?

Yes. All quotes and invoices will be subject to the relevant state taxes and or VAT.

Should you have any questions please contact Accounts@Hornbill.Com