FAQ:Ordering Hornbill

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How do I subscribe to Hornbill at the end of, or during my free trial period?

At the end of, or during your 'Free Trial Period' all you need to do is complete the 'Hornbill Acceptance Form' which we'll provide you, to place your order.

Is there a minimum number of Subscriptions required to sign up?

Yes. There is a minimum subscription value of £995 GBP per month for the Hornbill Standard Edition and £3,000 per month for the Hornbill Enterprise Edition.

This can be made up of any Hornbill solution components.

NB: Specific Hornbill Applications have their own minimum subscription values.

What the minimum amount of time I have to subscribe for?

Hornbill subscription are based on a 12 month period which is payable in advance. As such your subscriptions whilst calculated on the basis of per user per month these are payable annually.

How can I make changes to my subscription?

Should you require your subscription to be updated, please make contact with your Hornbill representative.

We do plan to put this all on-line in due course so you will be able to do this at your convenience, we will make that available just as soon as it's ready.

Do Hornbill require a Purchase Order?

No. Hornbill does not specifically require a Purchase Order (PO) to accept an order.

However if your internal process requires a PO it is your responsibility to ensure that this is managed internally and that the Hornbill invoice is settled.

Should you require us to include a PO or Payment Reference on an invoice then this should be provided to Hornbill by you. Failure to settle an invoice on the grounds that a valid PO or Payment Reference is not included will not be grounds for a bona fide dispute.