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Can anyone from my organisation contact Hornbill for support under our Success Plan?

No. Hornbill operates a Named Supported Contact policy, and as such only the personnel on record as being Support Contacts can raise a request.

Who's responsible for keeping the Named Supported Contacts up to date for my instance?

The 'Named Account Authority' for your Hornbill instance is responsible for keeping this information up to date.

What is the Account Authority for my instance?

For each Hornbill instance a 'Named Account Authority' is required. This person is responsible for affecting operational changes or for adding or removing Named Support Contacts. Our ISO27001 certification prevents us from implementing changes on a customer instance that have not been previously authorized.

Furthermore the Named Account Authority should also have budgetary responsibility for your account and as such be able to authorize adjustments to the numbers of subscribers and other aspects of your Hornbill service.