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What are the Hornbill Success Plans?

The Hornbill Success Plans define and encapsulate the way in which we deliver support (including SLA's) and other expert services to you as a Hornbill customer. These success plans vary in respect to what is covered and how much they cost.

All Hornbill customers get the Hornbill Essential Success plan as standard, this is included in your subscriptions.

Should you require a higher level of support and engagement from Hornbill then we have a range of options to suit, these include:

We will help you to determine what level of plan you require during of your 30-day Trial and Switch-On as we get to understand your requirements and more importantly how your organisation plans to use Hornbill.

How much are the Hornbill Success Plans?

Pricing for the Hornbill Success Plans are published on the Hornbill website: Hornbill Success Plans

How long does the plan run for?

Hornbill Success Plans are purchased over a 12 month period and are payable in advance. You then have the duration of the plan to call off any Expert Services Credits that are included in the plan.

Do I need to purchase a Hornbill Success Plan for each Hornbill Instance I have?

In the event that you have more than one Hornbill Instance you are not required to purchase a Success Plan for each instance so long as the Named Support Contacts are the same across the instances. If however there is a distinctly different set of named support contacts or the number of contacts exceeds the maximum available under the Success Plan in place then you will need to purchase the additional cover.