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Does the Hornbill Web Services API follow SOAP or RESTful Protocols?

Hornbill API's is an XML based API which we call "XMLMC" (meaning XML Method Call). XMLMC is a web services API, meaning its called by sending and receiving XML messages over HTTPS following the HTTP protocol standards. In a very similar way to SOAP, XMLMC uses XMLMX Schema specification to describe all input and output message formats as well as complex types and data constraints applied. Unlike more rigid XML protocol standards, Hornbill's XMLMC is able to provide its responses in either XML or JSON, one simply sets the Accept header when making the call and the server will emit the required format. This is most useful when calling API's on the Hornbill platform from a web browser or other environment that uses JavaScript that can implicitly handle JSON data structures. When you are using Hornbill as a user, the browser is only making XMLMC calls to our API endpoints, and all responses are in JSON format, so its very easy to understand how the API's work.

So while XMLMC is similar conceptually to SOAP and even XML-RPC its a hybrid based on industry standards that designed to meet the following goals.

  • Fully documented
  • Human Readable Inputs and Output messages
  • Simple reply/response remote procedure call pattern
  • Compatible with browsers

What is XMLMC?

XMLMC is based on XML, XML Schema, and JSON.

Where can I find a list of the Hornbill API's?

All available API's are documented and described at https://api.hornbill.com/ and the service operations that are listed there can be invoked from any application or development environment where XML and HTTP are supported.

Do you provide any language binding libraries available for XMLMC?

We provide a number of API libraries in the following languages:

Where can I get support/help when working with the Hornbill API's?

Developer support can be obtained via the Hornbill forums: community.hornbill.com or if you want us to do specific integration work for you, via an Expert Services engagement.