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Can I evaluate Hornbill before making a decision to subscribe?

Yes. Hornbill offers all of our customer the opportunity to undertake a free 30 Day Trial Period where we will give you access to the Hornbill Service free for the first 30 days. At the end of this period you will have the choice to continue using Hornbill and start to subscribe, or, simply walk away. Not only that, during this period we will also provide you with the support and technical services you need as part of our free Switch-On Service which we provide totally free of charge, enabling you to truly evaluate our solution with your team, your data and your systems integrated to determine if the solution meets your needs.

What assistance does Hornbill provide during the free trial period?

One click deployment means you can be using Hornbill Service Manager in minutes. Every customer receives a free Switch-On Service which provides the support and services you need to get your instance configured, integrated with ADFS for Single Sign On and bring in your users, customers and IT asset information to get you started. No complicated and drawn out project, we do what it takes to help you get the best out of our service.

Do I have to sign the Hornbill Terms of Service to undertake a free trial?

Yes. As this trial is specific to you, the instance requires to be provisioned under your Company's legal name. This is done to provide both you and Hornbill with the contractual, support services, data protection and security benefits you would enjoy as a customer with a live system throughout the trial period. You should remember that although you are agreeing to our terms of service for the trial you always have a terminate for convenience option.

What if I require more than 30 days to complete my evaluation?

At the end of the 30 Day Free Trial and Switch-On Service should you require further time to fully evaluate the Hornbill Solution you will need to subscribe to the Hornbill Service. You can however subscribe on the basis of the minimum number of subscriptions for the Hornbill Solution in question.

Furthermore as we don't seek to lock you in contractually you can decide exactly how much longer your evaluation will run for. Once you are satisfied Hornbill will meet your requirements you can increase the number of subscriptions as required.

What happens if I decide not to subscribe to Hornbill after the free trial period?

Our approach is simple, you have 30 Days to put us and our solution to the test. At the end of the 'Trial Period' you have the option in our Standard Terms of Service to 'accept' or 'reject' the Hornbill Solution. In the event you decide Hornbill is not for you, then you can simply walk away no questions no cost.