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This document defines the scope of the Essential Success Plan provided by Hornbill and should be read in conjunction with the applicable Hornbill Terms of Service. The Essential Success Plan provides an essential level of support and is included as part of your subscription to the Hornbill service.

Ensuring your success

Although Hornbill is very intuitive, information to help you is available here on our wiki and also on forums. Any issues and questions receive informal support from the Hornbill community on our Community Forum:

Many members of the Hornbill family have a presence in the Hornbill community. In addition to your fellow Hornbill Subscribers who may share their successes and challenges relating to their Hornbill solutions, our development teams, product owners, and of course our support team all monitor the traffic and co-ordinate to ensure that you get the right response from the right person. If you are reporting a critical issue relating to service availability, we aim to provide a resolution within four hours and post regular progress updates to ensure the whole community is kept up to date.

Please note that some Critical Issues not specifically relating to problems with our cloud infrastructure may require developer support to resolve. Whilst full cradle-to-grave support for cloud infrastructure issues affecting availability is provided 24x7x365, Development support is only guaranteed during normal UK Business Hours. Comprehensive support for all types of issues is available with the Premier Success Plan.

What is expected of you

Most importantly, nothing unreasonable (although please let us know if you think otherwise). In the first instance we need three official contacts. One of these needs to act as the named authority for affecting operational changes (i.e. new contact names). This is required in order to be able to log incidents against a known contact and to ensure we can progress the issue effectively. We need this as our ISO27001 certification prevents us from implementing changes on a customer instance that have not been previously authorized and so to avoid unnecessary delay it is important that issues of a critical nature, and cloud infrastructure issues in particular, are reported by named contacts. One of the contacts needs also to have budgetary responsibility for your account.

As you will expect, we will approach critical issues with urgency. However, in order to progress them as efficiently as possible, we also need your help. Please outline your issues as with as much relevant detail as possible, but also as concisely as you can. We understand that certain issues can cause a significant impact to our customers and appreciate that as a result, this may place customers under a high degree of stress. We are here to help. In order to maintain our high standards though, Hornbill needs to be able to guarantee that it’s staff are able to work in an environment that is free from abuse from any source. In the very unlikely event that such inappropriate behavior is encountered, this will be reported by Hornbill senior management to the appropriate party in the customer's organisation. In extreme cases this may result in the withdrawal of access to the support service of a named contact.

We welcome feedback, all feedback. We especially need it when we miss expectations. In addition to a periodic customer survey, we also send out a survey following the closure of each incident. In order to improve our service to you, irrespective of how well we did, we ask that you complete the incident survey. This survey can literally only take a few seconds to complete.

Escalation Channels

If for whatever reason we fall short of the standards you expect from us, please do not hesitate to escalate the matter by contacting us at

Expert Services

Whilst our free Switch-On service contains all the information and assistance you are likely to need in getting up-and-running, we acknowledge that you may have very specific requirements or circumstances that need more help than would normally be the case. Please see our catalog of Expert Services on offer or contact for more details.

Appendix 1: Definitions

Terms in this section have the same meanings as those given to them in the Hornbill Terms of Service unless other meanings are given to them below. In these terms, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions mean:

“Available”: the SaaS Service is accessible by the majority of the Customer Users, functioning substantially in accordance with any applicable product manuals. Note that if the SaaS service is not available to any or all Customer Users owing to a fault or condition outside of Hornbill’s control, such as, but not limited to a failure of the Internet, then it shall still be deemed Available.

“Availability Service Credits”: credits of Subscription Fees paid by Customer as a result of a failure of the SaaS Service to meet the SaaS Service Availability.

“Business Hours”: the number of hours elapsed during normal UK business hours 09:00 through 17:30 UK time Monday to Friday excluding UK public holidays.

“Critical Issue”: A failure in the production operation of the service rendering the service unavailable or critically impaired. Alternatively, there might be a significant security issue or availability affected by corrupted data.

“Maintenance Notice Service Level”: the minimum advanced notice period for a maintenance activity to be classified as Works is seven elapsed days (168 elapsed hours) for routine and/or planned activities and four elapsed hours for high priority activities as solely determined by Hornbill.

“SaaS Service Availability”: the calculation of service availability for the purposes of calculating Service Credits

“Service Available Hours”: the amount of time the SaaS Service is Available according to the service level. Calculated as the Service Operational Hours minus the time the SaaS Service is not Available (other than due to Works).

"Service Maintenance Hours": the four (4) hours from 12.00 to 04.00 each day (with reference to the timezone defined in the Service Parameters) during which Customer access to the SaaS Service may be interrupted by the carrying out of Works.

“Service Operational Hours”: in any given period the total hours minus the time spent on Works (specifically when the SaaS Service is not Available).

“Works”: routine and/or planned maintenance activities or high priority activities (that interrupt the SaaS Service) as is required by professional computing practice and that take place during the Service Maintenance Hours and as communicated to customer in accordance with the Maintenance Notice Service Level.

Appendix 2: Availability Service Levels and Service Credits


For the purposes of service reporting and calculation of any applicable Availability Service Credits, SaaS Service Availability for any period is expressed as a percentage and calculated as the Service Available Hours for the period divided by the Service Operational Hours.

Data Loss

Hornbill takes reasonable steps to secure the Customer Data against loss due to any single system failure. Should Customer Data be lost due to such failure it will attempt to restore the data to a point prior to its loss. The maximum amount of time for which data should be lost is specified as one of the Service Parameters. Once the data has been restored by Hornbill using reasonable efforts, any resultant data loss shall not in its own right constitute service unavailability.

Service Credits

Availability Service Credits are calculated on a monthly basis as a percentage of the Subscription Fee where the SaaS Service Availability falls below a certain threshold as shown in the Schedule below. To be entitled to any Service Credits, the Customer must request such Service Credit in writing from Hornbill within 30 days of the relevant month. The Service Credit will be applied to the next Subscription Fee invoice to be raised. If the Subscription Duration has been reached (and no further invoice is to be raised) then no Service Credit is applied.

Schedule for Availability Thresholds
Availability in Subscription Period Service Credit as a percentage of Subscription Fee
Greater than 99.50% 0%
Between 99.49% and 98.50% 2.5%
Between 98.49% and 97.50% 5%
Between 97.49% and 96.50% 10%
Less than 96.50% 20%