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== Related Articles ==
== Related Articles ==
:* [[Hornbill_Open_Integration_Tools|Hornbill Open Integration Tools]]

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These are basic things needed in order to quickly get the system up and running with meaningful data and connectivity. Because we believe these integrations are essential to every deployment we have put a lot of effort into simplifying the process of establishing these integration points. We also believe that because these integration needs are pretty much universally required by our customers in order that they get good value from our technology, we carry out the work with you to establish these integration points totally free of any charge as part of the Switch-On service we provide. We will generally carry out this work during your evaluation/trial period before you have to make any financial or contractual commitment to us our or service.

Related Articles

Essential Integration Points

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) - We will integrate with your organisations directory service (Microsoft Active Directory or equivalent) using a secure industry strength open standard known as SAML 2.0, as a result your users get transparent login to Hornbill, no extra passwords to remember and maintain, your users identity access information remains in your own directory service
  • User Auto-Provisioning means there is no need to create user accounts manually on Hornbill. Instead, our system will be configured to auto-provision the authorised user accounts automatically upon their first login, transferring the configured identity information needed by Hornbill totally automatically. The auto-provisioning process is pretty much instantaneous and totally transparent to your users. We will also configure the system to automatically keep the user information in Hornbill properly synchronised with the information held within your directory service (Microsoft Active Directory or equivalent). Basically once configured ongoing data synchronisation and single-sign-on is completely automating and self-maintaining.
  • E-Mail Integration - We will configure and connect inbound and outbound e-mail features of Hornbill with your corporate or public e-mail system. We support the full range of standards based, industrial strength secure e-mail interoperability protocols - see Email Integration for more details
  • Guest Access Configuration - for customers using then Hornbill Guest access option, we will apply basic re-branding/style the guest access portal to ensure your customers see your organisations brand.
  • Business Process Automation & Orchestration - Using the powerful Business Process Engine to drive Automation and Orchestration with a wide range of Out of the Box and Codeless integrations.

Essential Application Integrations

Certain applications have specific integrations that should be applied in order to get the best value from the application. We also provide this Essential Application integrations totally free of any charge as part of the Switch-On service we provide for our customers. The current essential application integrations options include: -
  • Computer/Asset Data Import & Integration (*see note 1) - for organisations using Hornbill Service Manager for internal IT we will work with you to deploy our site integration connector for asset data imports which will populate our CMDB within Hornbill with computers, operating systems and installed software available within your discovery tool database.
  • Computer/Asset View (*see note 2) - if your browser based asset management/discovery tool is deployed, we will configure your Hornbill instance to include custom buttons/links to launch the asset-specific views of your deployed tool from within the appropriate asset views within Hornbill
NOTE 1: will provide integration on a best endeavour basis as we are dependant on the capabilities and actual deployment of the specific tool